As a businessman, engineer, and philanthropist, Robert F. Smith has been invited to speak on a wide range of issues.

2021 Black Business Matters Expo: Student Freedom Initiative

Robert F. Smith and Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper continued their discussion at AFRO News’ 2021 Virtual Black Business Matters Expo, speaking about Student Freedom Initiative, which helps students access educational opportunities with an initial focus on HBCUs. Smith discusses how this can reduce the racial wealth gap and boost the GDP by an estimated 6 percent.

2021 Black Business Matters Expo: Eliminating Wealth “Deserts” in the United States

Robert F. Smith and Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper spoke at the 2021 Virtual Black Business Matters Expo, hosted by AFRO News, about how Black business owners can help drive capital into their communities by utilizing new applications for technology in their businesses. He discusses the need for bank locations in minority neighborhoods and how that can help small business owners.

2021 Black Business Matters Expo: Digital Literacy and Entrepreneurship

At the 2021 Virtual Black Business Matters Expo hosted by AFRO News, Robert F. Smith and Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper kicked off their discussion by talking about how students and young people today can utilize technological literacy to pursue careers in business.

Growth Inclusion for Small, Poor Economies Among Fourth Industrial Revolution

At the conclusion of the 2019 World Economic Forum “Realizing the Data Economy,” an audience member asks about what implications the Fourth Industrial Revolution has on small, poor economies. How will they be part of this growth inclusion? Robert F. Smith and the panelists present their thoughts.

Trust Index: WEF 2019

Today, most people trust their employers with their personal data but not companies or the government. Robert F. Smith, Dr. Joanna Bryson and Brian Duperreault of AIG discuss this predicament and how to establish trust at the 2019 World Economic Forum “Realizing the Data Economy.”

AI Software Discussion: WEF 2019

At the 2019 World Economic Forum “Realizing the Data Economy,” Robert F. Smith and panelist Dr. Joanna Bryson discuss the importance and practicability of artificial intelligence (AI) software. AI, Bryson states, has been and can continue to be used in the initial stages of the hiring process to help extinguish prejudice or racial bias.

Robert F. Smith Addresses the Fourth Revolution and Data Economy at WEF 2019

Before introducing the panelists of the 2019 World Economic Forum panel “Realizing the Data Economy” in Davos, Robert F. Smith speaks about the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its implications of the data economy and data security.

Virtual Eagle Academy Town Hall

On January 22, 2021, Robert F. Smith was the featured speaker at a Town Hall meeting with the inspiring young men of Eagle Academies, located in challenged, urban neighborhoods in New York and New Jersey. Smith joined the students in their daily affirmations, and answered thoughtful questions from student representatives from each of the six schools. He spoke about his own experiences in the Denver Public Schools, his work ethic and provided words of wisdom to inspire the young men of Eagle Academies to strive for excellence.

Cradle to Greatness Framework

Fund II Foundation’s Cradle to Greatness framework provides the tools to prepare those traditionally overlooked, underestimated and underserved for career success and unlock leadership potential. The architecture of the plan prioritizes strategic grantmaking aligned with outcomes focused on ensuring the next generations of top talent are prepared for achieving the highest levels of corporate and nonprofit culture.

Realizing Racial Equity – Together

Robert F. Smith emphasizes the need to come together to ensure that America truly works for all. He encourages individuals, specifically those in a position of power, to stand up and proactively educate others on change. Smith believes the companies in America can make a difference, specifically noting his optimism for the work he’s seen at Business Roundtable (BRT) and the CEO’s 500 biggest companies. Long term, change needs to be sustainable, Smith explains.