As a businessman, engineer, and philanthropist, Robert F. Smith has been invited to speak on a wide range of issues.

Robert F. Smith emphasizes the need to come together to ensure that America truly works for all. He encourages individuals, specifically those in a position of power, to stand up and proactively educate others on change. Smith believes the companies in America can make a difference, specifically noting his optimism for the work he’s seen at Business Roundtable (BRT) and the CEO’s 500 biggest companies. Long term, change needs to be sustainable, Smith explains.

Robert F. Smith discusses the importance of building a new and diverse generation of leaders, starting with ensuring students in all communities have the support they need to pursue future opportunities. According to Smith, overcoming racism has always been the biggest issue he’s had to face personally. His mission is to ensure the next generation of leaders can get ahead.

Hear Robert F. Smith speak on the importance of investing in African American communities. Smith explains how increased economic health in these minority communities can help to create a sustainable economic infrastructure. The lack of accessibility to capital and banking relationships was something that became apparent during the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) and inspired Smith to become involved with the program. He is stewarding what he calls a “modernization of the capillary banking system” to try and connect capital to those businesses who are at a disadvantage. Smith has challenged large corporations to pledge 1%-2% of their income over the next decade to drive capital into the banking system in order to help these communities.

Robert F. Smith shares his parents’ inspiring legacy and lessons learned. Both school teachers and his mother, a principal, Smith’s parents taught him the value of education. Committed to helping their community, his parents focused on ensuring the children in their community had the academic preparation they needed to succeed in life. As the first generation in his family within the country to have all of their rights, Smith continues to be inspired by his family and those who have fought for civil rights to create a better society.

On CBS This Morning, Smith discusses how the Paycheck Protection Program can provide financial help for minority-owned small businesses, and one company that’s doing just that.

The Breakfast Club invited Smith to speak about how new software can help minority-owned small businesses more easily access the Payment Protection Program funds to secure much-needed relief for their business impacted by coronavirus.