As a businessman, engineer, and philanthropist, Robert F. Smith has been invited to speak on a wide range of issues.

Robert F. Smith Completes a Q&A at 2021 Presidents Summit

The 2021 Presidents Summit Masterclass with Robert F. Smith closes out with Mr. Smith answering a range of questions. He shares the best advice he’s received, inspiration and aspects of his life during the pandemic.

Robert F. Smith on the Evolution and Future of Investing

Robert F. Smith considers the future of investing and the goals of growing business quickly, at scale and with more profitability. Mr. Smith also emphasizes the need to promote diversity, equity and inclusion at all levels of businesses. He references the importance of Vista’s employees and the Vista “ecosystem.”

Robert F. Smith Shares His Insights on Shared Knowledge

Robert F. Smith expresses the importance of sharing knowledge throughout an organization, citing the success of information sharing at Vista Equity Partners. He notes the benefits of putting individuals from all levels of an organization together to discuss problems and share solutions.

Robert F. Smith Discusses ESG and Businesses Going Green

Robert F. Smith discusses solutions for allowing businesses to grow and expand, while being conscious of greenhouse gas footprints and taking action to improve the impact on the ecosystem. Mr. Smith provides examples based on those within the Vista Equity Partners portfolio.

Robert F. Smith and Investing Today at the Presidents Summit

Robert F. Smith shares his opinion on the current state of investments. Mr. Smith considers changes over the past decade and the evolution of businesses coming out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Robert F. Smith Presidents Summit Masterclass Introduction

Robert F. Smith introduces himself and Vista Equity Partners before beginning the Presidents Summit Masterclass Principles for Excelling in the Future of Investing. He discusses his background and more about Vista.

Robert F. Smith Discusses His Creation of Educational Materials for Business Owners at the 2021 Black Business Matters Expo

Robert F. Smith and Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper closed out their virtual interview at the 2021 Black Business Matters Expo by discussing how Smith uses his own business expertise to provide free educational materials for Black business owners, entrepreneurs and students. This event was hosted by AFRO News.

Robert F. Smith on his Best Career Advice for Others at the 2021 Black Business Matters Expo

Robert F. Smith and Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper continued their virtual interview at AFRO News’ 2021 Black Business Matters Expo, where Smith spoke about the best piece of advice he was given by a business mentor, and the advice he hopes to give current entrepreneurs and business owners.

Robert F. Smith Talks About Student Freedom Initiative at the 2021 Black Business Matters Expo

Robert F. Smith and Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper continued their discussion at AFRO News’ 2021 Virtual Black Business Matters Expo, speaking about Student Freedom Initiative, which helps students access educational opportunities with an initial focus on HBCUs. Smith discusses how this can reduce the racial wealth gap and boost the GDP by an estimated 6 percent.

Robert F. Smith Speaks About Eliminating Wealth “Deserts” in the United States at the 2021 Black Business Matters Expo.

Robert F. Smith and Dr. Frances “Toni” Draper spoke at the 2021 Virtual Black Business Matters Expo, hosted by AFRO News, about how Black business owners can help drive capital into their communities by utilizing new applications for technology in their businesses. He discusses the need for bank locations in minority neighborhoods and how that can help small business owners.