As a businessman, engineer, and philanthropist, Robert F. Smith has been invited to speak on a wide range of issues.

Roland Martin interviews Robert F. Smith ahead of the CARES Mentoring Movement Gala

Before the CARES Mentoring Movement Gala, Robert F. Smith and Susan L. Taylor spoke with Roland Martin about supporting families and youths in our communities

Robert F. Smith on Access, Curiosity & Tenacity

Students at the Epic Day of Code event ask Robert F. Smith what advice he has for students as they prepare their pathway for college and careers. Smith encourages students to explore and investigate their curiosities. As current students in this day and age, Smith explains students have access to resources, access to computing power, and access to some of the greatest minds on the planet. It is a matter of deciding to tap into that and then take that to move forward.

Robert F. Smith on Giving Back & Liberating the Human Spirit

Robert F. Smith answers a question from a student at the Epic Day of Code event. Smith shares how he has used his platform to give back in ways that help education and youth in America. He discusses how his mother instilled a value for philanthropy in him from a young age and his InternX program for matching STEM students with companies looking for interns.

Robert F. Smith on the Internship that Changed His Life

During the Epic Day of Code event, Robert F. Smith answers questions from students on his internship experience with Bell Laboratories. Smith discusses educational opportunities, and how he learned about hard work, resilience and “the joy of figuring things out” at his life-changing internship at Bell Laboratories.

Robert F. Smith on Values & Community

At the Epic Day of Code event, Robert F. Smith answers questions from students. A Colorado native, Smith describes how his childhood neighborhood in Denver was such an integral part of his journey to success. The encouragement and dedication of his family and community have inspired him to give back to other communities so more individuals can have access to the same opportunities he had.