Be Woke Vote Initiative Mobilizes Young Voters

Be woke vote

In this election and every election, participation is critical. Making sure every voice and community is represented is what we strive for, which is why the new Be Woke.Vote tour is so important. Be Woke.Vote is a non-partisan initiative founded by Deon Taylor and Roxanne Avent Taylor, and funded in part by Robert F. Smith.

The initiative is set to tour through 10 cities with the goal of activating young people to make their voices heard in this election. Before the end of October, the group will have toured through Minneapolis, Houston, Denver, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami, Cleveland, Charlotte and Milwaukee. These events are free and will also feature live DJs, free food, and, of course, some Be Woke.Vote swag. 

In addition to the tour, Be Woke.Vote launched a new video series called “Black History in Two Minutes” this year. These videos aim to give a concise telling of a specific part of the African American experience. The mini episodes are narrated by historian, Henry Louis Gates Jr., and executive produced by Robert F. Smith. In one of the episodes, the series chronicles the life of activist and United States Representative John Lewis, who helped lead historic efforts to pass the Voting Rights Act in 1965.

This year, we all have to make our voices heard. To get more information on registering to vote, voting by mail and polling locations, visit Also, make sure to check out more episodes of Black History in Two Minutes on their website.