As a businessman, engineer, and philanthropist, Robert F. Smith has been invited to speak on a wide range of issues.

Robert F. Smith on the Apollo Theater, Music and Meritocracy

Robert F. Smith discusses the cultural impact that the Apollo Theater has had on the community in Harlem and music fans around the world. Smith’s love of jazz music has led his company, Vista Equity Partners, to a partnership with the Apollo Theater. For more information about the Apollo Theater, visit its website at:

Robert F. Smith on the Power of Internships

Robert F. Smith, Founder Chairman and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, talks about the internship that changed his life, and how he sees internship programs as a way to provide students with valuable learning opportunities and allows companies to access top talent and put students in a position where they can become better leaders in the future.

Robert F. Smith | Columbia Black Business Students Association’s ELEVATE Conference

Robert F. Smith spoke to students at his Alma Mater, Columbia Business School, at the Columbia Black Business Students Association’s ELEVATE Conference on March 25, 2017. Smith, who received his MBA from Columbia in 1994, spoke with Darius Grant (‘17) about his career path and the opportunities that are available to students who are graduating and entering the workforce today.